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Dabwoods Packaging is Sold Online to Anyone
The thing that appears to be the most intimidating about Dabwoods carts is that you can never be sure of what you are actually smoking. The fact that Dabwoods packaging is sold online on eBay, which includes empty cartridges and Dabwoods “official” packaging, means that practically anyone can fill empty carts with any type of cannabis oil, and sell it to whoever believes they are buying Dabwoods carts for vaping.

Due to the free and complete availability of Dabwoods packaging, your cannabis oil may contain pesticides and other harmful substances, which may lead to getting ill and even risking your life, depending on how harmful the oil is and the intensity of your personal consumption.

There is no actual way of knowing that you are actually buying cannabis oil produced by Dabwoods, as there is no physical evidence that the company even exists. Since there is no contact information except for the Instagram account, it can be extremely dangerous to buy and consume cannabis oil branded by Dabwoods.


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