High Tea – Organic Cannabis Infused Tea


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High Tea is committed to bringing you exceptional cannabis-infused herbal, loose leaf tea blends! Their delicious blend of organic herb tea recipes and bio-available THC will help take the edge off and leave you feeling very relaxed.

This cannabis herbal tea is an excellent way to start or end the day. Each bag contains 10 servings of high-quality tea with 10 mg THC of organic ground cannabis throughout the packet. This tea helps relieve stress, inflammation, pain, nausea, and cramps. Try adding coconut oil or butter during brewing for a delicious tea latte that also helps with the digestion of cannabinoids. Its recommended that you brew your tea for 10 minutes or more. Because the longer you steep your marijuana tea bags the stronger your cup is going to be.

We currently offer Majestic Mint, Chamomile Smile, Cuppa Chai, and Earl of Grey. High Tea has been one of the original cannabis and CBD tea maker in Canada. Which makes their products tried, consistent and always of the highest quality. High Tea makes for an incredible cup of weed infused tea that leaves you beyond satisfied. Get a bag now and see why it’s one of our favorite products at Clean Green. If THC is not your cup of tea you can try High Tea CBD infused line of teas such as CBD tranquility tea and CBD calming tea.

Make yourself a cup of this wonderful marijuana tea, have some finger sandwiches, turn your own home into a tea room. Sit back, feel the effects of drinking cannabis tea, and enjoy comfort and relaxation at its finest.

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Majestic mint, Chamomile smile, Cuppa Chai, Earl of Grey


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