Samoa Cookies


A cross between Forum Cut GSC and Face Off OG Bx1, Samoas—like the trademarked cookie—is here to level up the beloved GSC strain. Another strain from Archive Seed Back, this strain brings potency and flavor with big yields, and consumers and growers alike can expect an extra skunky Kush funk alongside the smooth delicious cookie terpenes we have grown to love.

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Samoa Cookies, also referred to as Samoas, is a potent, evenly-balanced hybrid cannabis strain from the famous GSC lineage. It is a cross of the Forum cut of GSC, with the BX phenotype of Face Off OG.

The dense and chunky Samoa Cookie buds are an even mixture of orange, purple, and olive-green. The olive and purple leaves are swirled tightly together, with fiery-orange pistils evenly mixed in. A light trichome frost covers the buds.

Samoa Cookies has that strong mint odor we love so much from Thin Mint GSC, along with hints of chocolate and diesel fuel. Combusting Samoa Cookies brings a delicious, sweet, minty-kush flavor, and a touch of chocolate and spice.

It isn’t uncommon for this potent hybrid to test around 25% THC, with our batch testing at 23%. The smooth, psychoactive buzz reportedly gradually crescendos for a good 15 minutes after the cessation of smoking. This can be overwhelming to newer users. By the time the cerebral euphoria peaks, the soothing body buzz reportedly sets in. Many users found remarkable reductions in pain and tension related grievances, such as cramps and migraine headaches. Most users also reported that despite the sedative body buzz, energy levels remained steady, making Samoa Cookies a good candidate for Indica lovers who are looking to avoid couch-lock. The potential to eat oneself into a food coma does exist, as Samoa Cookies did lead to intense cravings for food in some users.


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